37th AGM and Financial Statements

Financial Statements and AGM

Our strategy which is titled Much more than a building, places our patients at the very heart of everything that we do ensuring that we can deliver hospice influenced care in a setting of the patient's choice. We continue to be committed to delivering the highest quality clinical care and service to patients, their families and carers, ensuring that we enable them to live well, their way, until the end of their lives. Read more... 



The 37th Hospice Isle of Man Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Having taken legal advice in light of the current social distancing restrictions and recognising that some are self-isolating or 'shielding' at home, members were invited to watch our 2019 AGM online on Friday 10 July at 12pm using the widely used Zoom technology, which is one of the world’s leading online video and audio conferencing providers.

This was be followed by short live presentations given by the Chairman, Treasurer and Chief Executive. 

You can watch our AGM in full on the video below.

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We greatly appreciate the understanding of all our members on in this matter.


Hospice Isle of Man 2020 AGM Vote Results

A total of 82 Members voted, four present in person and 78 by proxy.

Resolutions 1 & 2

To receive and consider the 2019 Report of the Board of Governors and the Report of the Auditors and the Annual Accounts for the year ended 31st December 2019.

In Favour Against Abstention Proposed Seconded
82     Clare Cayzer Anna Kelly

Resolution 3

Re-appointment of continuing Governors.

Name In Favour Abstention Proposed Seconded
Charles Crossley 80 2 Paul Halliday Robert Fayle
Anna Kelly 79 3 Alex Thomson Phillip Dearden
John Rimmer 80 2 Phillip Dearden Robert Fayle
Guy Sissons 78 4 Clare Cayzer Paul Halliday

It was also noted that Alex Thomson retired by rotation but had not offered himself for re‑election. 


Resolution 4

Appointment of two new Governors who were co-opted during the past year.

Name In Favour Abstention Proposed Seconded
Della Fletcher 80 2 Anna Kelly Charles Crossley
Linda Radcliffe 79 3 Robert Fayle Phillip Dearden


Resolution 5

Re-appointment of Ernst & Young as Auditors and authorisation of the Board of Governors to fix their remuneration.

In Favour Against Abstention Proposed Seconded
81 1   Clare Cayzer Anna Kelly


Financial Statement

View the our Annual Report 2019 here

Every penny donated, hour volunteered or service offered really does make a life-changing difference

2019 Financial Year

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