Enhancing our Healing Environment

Building transformation

When we launched our 5 year strategy 'Much More Than a Building' in October 2018, we talked about how our wonderful building will remain at the heart of all that we do, but over the last 13 years there have been some significant changes in the needs of our patients, and along with changes to disability regulations which meant we needed to adapt our facilities to ensure that our care environment is fit for our future patients with a focus on providing greater independence, privacy and dignity.


It is important that as the leaders of Palliative and End of Life care on our Island we focus on what people have told us matters to them, and with the support of a very generous benefactor in the Tevir Group, we have had the opportunity to improve the physical environment for our patients, their family and friends so that we can truly support them to live well, their way, to the end of their life, now and for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

With such a big project like our Enhancing our Healing Environment Project, we appreciate that some of our supporters may have some questions. We have covered a range of frequently asked questions including:

  • What is the purpose of the project?
  • Why do we need to change the current building?
  • What are the benefits to carrying out all of the building work at once?
  • Where will the services temporarily be re-housed?
  • How will I be affected?
  • How can I find out more information?
  • When will the project begin?
  • How long will the project take?
  • What changes are being made?
  • In-patient Unit (IPU)
  • Rehabilitation
  • Rebecca House
  • Therapies
  • How is the project being funded?
  • What impact will this work have on Hospice volunteers?
  • What impact will this work have on Hospice staff?
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EHE updates

Follow our journey as we Enhance our Healing Environment, from videos and photos to news and updates.

EHE Blog

Important updates and information regarding our Enhancing our Healing Environment Project, keeping you at the centre of communications.

EHE At a glance

Get an insight into the plans and infrastructure work with Hospice CEO, Anne Mills as she walks through the building, discusses some of the enhancements and the reasoning behind the project.


Photo Progress

Capturing the enhancement story every step of the way from In Patient rooms to Rebecca House, outdoor enhancements and more, follow the visual journey undergo major infrastructure changes to the final lick of paint.

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