Cheryl Young

Hi Cheryl!

It's wonderful to chat with you about your experience here at Hospice Isle of Man. As this year's Hospice Care Week theme is "We are Hospice care", we're taking the opportunity to talk about some of our wonderful staff from all corners of the organisation to show how we all contribute.
Please answer some of these question so everyone can get to know you a little more...


1. What is your role within Hospice Isle of Man?

Nurse Consultant/ Head of Community Services/ Palliative Care Academy Lead

2. How long have you been working/volunteering here?

26 years

3. What is your favourite thing about being part of the Hospice team?

Being able to spend time and care for dying patients and their families.

4. What would a usual day/duties at Hospice look like for you?

Advising on symptom management, managing hospice staff who work in the community, provide training to all health care staff.

5. How do you usually start the day ahead of arriving at Hospice, and how does this benefit your work? (E.g. a cup of coffee, yoga, cold shower to prepare for the day etc.)

6. What do you usually do to unwind after work/volunteering?

I play some sing along pop music in the care on the way home.

7. Please describe your work/volunteering life in 3 words

Compassionate, satisfying, skilled

8. What’s a professional achievement you are most proud of?

A patient relative wrote about me in her book – “The language of kindness. A nurses story”

9. What are your aspirations for your future here at Hospice Isle of Man?

Develop a strategy which offers excellent palliative and end of life care to the people of the Isle of Man

10. Do you have any highlights, stories or favourite memories you would like to share about your time here at Hospice Isle of Man?

When I worked as a Clinical Nurse Specialist and cared for a gentleman who was dying in Hospital. He wanted to go home to die. With the help of the ward team, community stores (equipment) and ambulance team we managed to transfer him home within 24hrs. His family were present at home and we put the bed next to the patio days which looked out over the sea. He said he was so pleased that he was at home. He died very peacefully a few hours later surrounded by his family.

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