Chris Kilford

Hi Chris!

It's wonderful to chat with you about your experience here at Hospice Isle of Man. As this year's Hospice Care Week theme is "We are Hospice care", we're taking the opportunity to talk about some of our wonderful staff from all corners of the organisation to show how we all contribute.
Please answer some of these question so everyone can get to know you a little more...


1. What is your role within Hospice Isle of Man?

Admiral Nurse

2. How long have you been working/volunteering here?

Coming on for 5 years

3. What is your favourite thing about being part of the Hospice team?

Being part of a big "family"

4. What would a usual day/duties at Hospice look like for you?

Arriving, checking emails, EMIS and Rio before planning the days visits or events.

5. How do you usually start the day ahead of arriving at Hospice, and how does this benefit your work? (E.g. a cup of coffee, yoga, cold shower to prepare for the day etc.)

After washing and dressing, giving all 7 dogs and 2 cats a cuddle and fuss. Feed the tropical fish and Bearded Dragon and look in on the 2 Axolotl’s before having breakfast and driving in along the coastal road.

6. What do you usually do to unwind after work/volunteering?

If it’s feeding day for the Axolotl’s sort out their food, give the tropical fish and the pond fish their food. Fuss the dogs and cats. Ask Julie how her day has been and start on preparing the evening meal before doing odd jobs around the house and gardens.

7. Please describe your work/volunteering life in 3 words

Satisfying, Emotional, Rewarding

8. What’s a professional achievement you are most proud of?

Becoming the 2nd Admiral Nurse on the Isle of Man.

9. What are your aspirations for your future here at Hospice Isle of Man?

To carry on in my current role as an Admiral Nurse for as long as I can and assist any student nurses who come to us to experience the joy of caring for others in this speciality.

10. Do you have any highlights, stories or favourite memories you would like to share about your time here at Hospice Isle of Man?

When I got roped into the Jerusalema routine on the day of filming having not previously done the routine. It was fun.

When Julie, myself and Growler the trike have done the Santa’s on a Bike events for Rebecca House.

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