Rosie Peel

Hi Rosie!

It's wonderful to chat with you about your experience here at Hospice Isle of Man. As this year's Hospice Care Week theme is "We are Hospice care", we're taking the opportunity to talk about some of our wonderful staff from all corners of the organisation to show how we all contribute.
Please answer some of these question so everyone can get to know you a little more...


1. What is your role within Hospice Isle of Man?

Clinical Psychologist

2. How long have you been working/volunteering here?

3 1/2 years

3. What is your favourite thing about being part of the Hospice team?

The friendliness of the Hospice “family” and how everyone is working toward the same goal of providing compassionate care to patients and carers.

4. What would a usual day/duties at Hospice look like for you?

On a typical day I would be preparing and conducting sessions of psychological assessment or therapy with patients and carers and then writing up the notes from these. I would also be monitoring referrals and getting in touch with new patients/relatives to set up appointments. I attend the multidisciplinary team meeting and might also meet with colleagues to provide a psychological perspective on patient care. On some days I might be teaching on a Hospice Staff course or contributing to an educational session for carers.

5. How do you usually start the day ahead of arriving at Hospice, and how does this benefit your work? (E.g. a cup of coffee, yoga, cold shower to prepare for the day etc.)

Before work I usually only have time to wrangle my child into school uniform and, if possible, grab a strong cup of coffee!

6. What do you usually do to unwind after work/volunteering?

I unwind in the evenings by spending time with my family and enjoying an occasional glass of wine

7. Please describe your work/volunteering life in 3 words

Interesting, Challenging (in a good way!), Rewarding

8. What’s a professional achievement you are most proud of?

Qualifying as an accredited Cognitive Analytic Therapy Practitioner

9. What are your aspirations for your future here at Hospice Isle of Man?

To continue learning from clients and colleagues and to find ways to keep improving our service

10. Do you have any highlights, stories or favourite memories you would like to share about your time here at Hospice Isle of Man?

One of my favourite memories is when lots of people at Hospice learned the Jerusalema dance – the video of us was fab and I love the photo taken by the drone when we danced in the garden.

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