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Oie Voaldyn May Fire Festival 2018

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May 6th, 2018
2:00 pm – 10:00 pm

What is it?

This family-friendly event kicks off at 2.00pm on the Sunday 6th May at Weatherglass Corner (aka Spit Corner), near the Sailors’ Shelter with music, dancing and plenty of food and drink during the afternoon and early evening. John ‘Dog’ Callister will be on hand to make a simple Crosh Cuirn with which to shun those evil spirits, in exchange for a donation to Hospice, and the Vikings of Mann will be inviting onlookers to join in some fun Norse games on the shoreline.

During the evening a glorious fire show will become the backdrop of a re-enactment of the historical, mock battle between summer and winter. A costumed drama with its roots in an early description written by George Waldron in 1726, it will be preceded by two ‘armies’ heading from Peel Hill and the Creg Malin, converging on the shoreline in preparation for battle. Everyone is invited to gather for the combat, which will be followed by a sumptuous feast and spectacular firework display to end the day.

How you can get involved

Torches for the parade can to be bought on the day from the Hospice gazebo on Spit corner between 2pm and 8pm.

You can also get involved by writing messages to be attached to a special tree, Yggdrasil the Viking Tree of Life. The messages can be written in memory of a loved one or just for good luck which will be burnt ceremoniously on the fires on the beach. Messages cost just £1 with all proceeds going to Hospice Isle of Man. Labels will be available on the day at the Hospice gazebo.

Which parade should you join?

We are encouraging people to dress up for the event with summer and winter stock available in Peel Hospice Shop from 30th April 2018.

The Winter

  • Representations of sacrifice for fertility
  • Smudging of ashes from fire on face/ burnt wood (reference to burnt sacrifice and purification) charcoal
  • King: clad in various pelts, armed with pokers, scattering snowballs and chunks of ice to prolong the cold, riding about as if he had won a victory
  • The Company: tough looking as if to advance into a hard battle
  • Mimicking animal movements (shamanic)
  • Wearing animal skins (shamanic)
  • Cross dressing/ role reversal/ disguise/misrule/ blurring of normal boundaries
  • Morris style dancing/ jumping/Dancing warriors
  • Sound: Tinkling of bells/ Clashing of Cymbals/ Horns blown/drums
  • Colour Palette ideas:

  • Texture: wools/ tweeds/ woven/ furs/ leather/metal/hessian/muslin
  • Smell: fire/smoke/charcoal winter singed by summer and the sun

The Summer

  • King/Queen: Floral, dressed in green boughs, leaves, flowers, summery clothes with no protection
  • The Company: the same bright colours light silks etc
  • Fertility/fire/fruits/garlands/purification
  • Sound: strings/flutes/whistles/wind instruments
  • Texture: flowing/bright/silk/satins/smooth
  • Colour Palette ideas:

  • Smell: green leaves/fresh/flowers and air

In the event of poor weather conditions, the event will take place on Monday 7th May. 

Torch holders must be over the age of 16 on the day of the procession and ID may be required upon collection.  

A signed disclaimer will need to be completed when collecting your torch. To save time and avoid any potential queues you can print it off below or they will be available on the day.

OIE VOLDYN Liability Disclaimer Form

Torches are non refundable and are only being sold for Oie Voaldyn May Fire Festival 2018.

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