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  • What is the purpose of the project?
  • Why do we need to change the current building?
  • What are the benefits to carrying out all of the building work at once?
  • Where will the services temporarily be re-housed to?
  • How will I be affected?
  • How can I find out more information?
  • When will the project begin?
  • How long will the project take?
  • What changes are being made?
  • How is the project being funded?
  • What impact will this work have on Hospice volunteers?
  • What impact will this work have on Hospice staff?

In October 2018 we launched our new strategy ‘Much More Than A Building’. In the strategy we talked about how our wonderful building will remain at the heart of all that we do, but as we look forward we will be committed to delivering what people have told us matters to them – meeting the changing social needs of our community.

As part of that commitment we commenced our ‘Enhancing the Healing Environment’ project in November 2018, with the aim of improving the physical environment for our patients, their families and others who use our services.

We have been so lucky to be able to call this wonderful building home; however in the 12 years since it was built there have been some significant changes in the needs of our patients along with changes to disability regulations which mean we need to adapt our facilities quickly.

Over 30% of the people who use our services have non-cancer related conditions and this figure is set to increase. Over the next five years and beyond we are committed to delivering care to anyone on the Island living with a condition that is terminal or life limiting.

As patient needs become more complex, we must ensure that our care environment is fit for our future patients with a focus on providing greater independence, privacy and dignity.

Initially our Enhancing the Healing Environment project was going to consist of several modular building improvements carried out over an extended period of time

However, during our first building project - the refurbishment of our Braddan Lounge, it soon became clear that the disruption caused by the works (mainly the noise) affected the calm environment that is so crucial to the care we provide for our patients and families. This resulted in a stop start approach to the building work which meant the project was significantly extended.

Over the last few months our CEO, Board of Governors and staff have worked through the various options available to make the most of the generous funding we have been offered, without compromising the excellent quality of patient care that we deliver.

As such, we have decided that all building work required to future proof our services will be carried out at once and in order to continue to deliver the highest quality of care we will temporarily re-house some of our services during the refurbishment period.

We are working closely with our partners at the Department of Health and Social Care and will be using some of their buildings to temporarily deliver our services from, including a newly refurbished and dedicated unit at Southlands, from which we will house our adult In-Patient Unit.

Children and Young People who use Rebecca House will still continue to have Day Care, Evening Care and Overnight Care facilitated at alternative venues yet to be announced, in order to minimise disruption.

There is also an alternative place for children and families who would sadly have to use our Rebecca House Rainbow Room.

We would like to assure everyone that all of our services will continue to operate during the refurbishment period.

Patients and their families will remain our top priority and regardless of location, we will ensure that we continue to deliver high quality care and that our staff will continue to support you in the best way we can.

The Hospice professional that you have an existing relationship with will be happy to discuss how these changes will affect you and answer any questions you may have at your next appointment.

Alternatively, you can call our information line on 647442 between 2-5pm Monday to Friday.

The Hospice professional that you have an existing relationship with will be happy to discuss how these changes will affect you and answer any questions you may have at your next appointment.

Alternatively, you can call our information line on 647442 between 2-5pm Monday to Friday and one of our team will be happy to listen to any concerns you may have, answer your queries where possible, and or redirect your query to an appropriate person.

The refurbishment work is due to start on June 17th 2019.

The project is estimated to take between 9-12 months.

Some of the refurbishment work that will be carried out will include:

In-patient Unit (IPU)

Improving the layout of bedrooms so that our en-suite bathrooms meet the changing needs of our patients and comply with disability regulations.

The installation of new doors in the In-patient Unit reception that will withstand wind, improve volunteer wellbeing and access to the unit.

The erection of a new canopy over the In-patient Unit entrance to provide patients shelter from the elements when arriving/leaving the building by car or by ambulance.

The creation of a new reception area in the In-patient unit, and re-working of corridor space to afford patients and their visitors more privacy and dignity.


The creation of a 'Step Down' rehabilitation space that will enable us to better plan for discharge and support patients to live independently.

Rebecca House

A larger Dream Room so that more children and young people can enjoy the space, including children in beds being able to access the dream space if sadly this is required at the end of their short lives.

The creation of a designated 'messy play' space so that the children can have more therapeutic play time rather than having to stop activities to clean up for meal times.

Incorporating patio doors into the Rebecca House bedroom design in order to make our gardens more accessible to all of the children and families that use our services.

Re-orientation of our much used and needed Jade's place so that we can offer  more children and young people individual and group bereavement sessions.


Re-orientation of our therapy areas to a quieter area of our building to enhance the level of relaxation experienced by our patients.

We are so very fortunate that a generous benefactor has committed to funding a significant capital project that gives us the opportunity to improve the physical environment for our patients, their family and friends.

We are working with our strategic partners, the Department of Health and Social Care, to negotiate favourable terms for rental of the Southlands unit.

Our volunteers play such an important role in helping us to both raise funds and provide an excellent level of care and as such we have communicated with them early on in this project.

The planned changes will of course affect some volunteer roles which will move to Southlands while the works are being done, in particular In-Patient Unit (IPU) Reception volunteers, Bedroom/Dining Companions, Flower volunteers and IPU Care Support volunteers.

We would like to assure our volunteers that all of our services will continue to operate during the refurbishment period and so everybody who would like to continue to volunteer with us will have a role to play. We do hope that our volunteers will continue to support us during this very important time.

We appreciate that not all volunteers affected will want, or be able to, travel to the new premises, if this is the case we will work with these volunteers to discuss alternative roles and find a way for them to stay connected during this temporary period of disruption. 

We are also taking the opportunity during the refurbishment period to expand services available in the community offering patients more choice in where they receive their Hospice care. This will create new community volunteer roles in the near future which we hope some of our existing volunteers may wish to get involved in.

Volunteers are central to our success and their wellbeing is of the utmost importance, as such we are here to support anyone affected by the changes in the best way we can.

Any volunteers who would like more information or to discuss further can contact Christine Chadwick, Volunteer Services Manager on 647445 or email christine.chadwick@hospice.org.im

All Hospice staff are being engaged with on a regular basis and we are working closely with those affected to ensure that they are supported with any logistical or operational requirements they have. Our staff wellbeing is of paramount important to us and we are working tirelessly to ensure that nobody will be disadvantaged.

Many of our staff will work from multiple locations during the temporary relocation of services, including from our Scholl Wellbeing Centre at Hospice, in our temporary In-patient Unit at Southlands and within community settings.

Some staff may see temporary or permanent changes to their roles, however there will be a role for all staff.

We are working with all of our staff to identify any needs and work through any concerns at this time of change. However, we are delighted that so many of our staff have been involved in the decision making process for this project and as a result are feeling excited and empowered.

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