Gandeys Circus

Due the ever evolving situation that is Covid-19, the decision has been taken by Gandey's to cancel their upcoming performances in the Isle of Man. 

Europe’s largest touring big top show is coming back to the Isle of Man!

Taking you on an unforgettable fun-filled voyage around the world in 80 minutes, Gandeys Circus presents its 2020 UK tour UNBELIEVABLE, featuring an international cast of over 30 performers.

Join us on a journey from Victorian England through the USA, South America, Bollywood and Africa in an epic two-hour adventure. You’re just a hot-air balloon ride away from a heart-stopping spectacular dreams are made of, where – while your family are safe in the comfort of our fully-heated 1,000-seat big top – fearless artistes perform death-defying acts hand-picked direct from each corner of the earth. 

Get your tickets from here now. 

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    Nobles Park, Isle of Man
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