Light Up a Life

Christmas is a time of year when family, friends and loved ones come together, but the season can be particularly difficult if somebody we love is no longer here to share it with us.

We understand how some comfort can be taken from reflecting on time shared together and how important it can be to do something in memory of a loved one.

Light Up a Life is a way to remember and celebrate the loved ones who lit up our lives but aren’t here with us during this special season. Dedicating a light on our Christmas tree is a poignant and symbolic way to commemorate and celebrate the life of someone we hold dear.

Our tree is once again on the hill in our beautiful gardens and will shine brightly as a beacon of love, light and hope throughout Christmas and into the New Year for all to see from miles around.

If you would like to commemorate a loved one by dedicating a light, please complete the form below.

Each donation for Light Up a Life will help us to continue to provide compassionate care of the highest standard to our patients and their families. 


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