#UCMTalks - The Hidden Cancer

On the 19th of February, #UCMTalks hosts The ‘Hidden Cancer’, the Need for Improved Treatments and Outcomes.

Speaker for the event is Hospice Isle of Man's Scholl Academic Centre Chairman, Professor Ken Mills. 

Ken is the lead of the Blood Cancer Research Group of Queen's University Belfast, has numerous publications and currently teaches on both undergraduate and master courses. Ken has chaired or been a member of several international clinical research networks including National Cancer Research Institute, clinical working groups and the EU Harmony Project on big data in blood cancer.


Held at The Nunnery from 6pm-7pm, this talk will focus on the different types of blood cancer, giving examples of how the molecular complexity can be used against some types, but also create a moving target in another type.


With what is set to be a very educational and inspiring talk, get your tickets for #UCMTalks, The Hidden Cancer here.

 The Hidden Cancer


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