Hospice and the Department of Health sign five-year Service Level Agreement

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The Department of Health and Hospice Isle of Man are delighted to announce the signing of a new five-year Service Level Agreement.  This is the third service level agreement (SLA) between Hospice Isle of Man and the Department of Health since 2001.  The new Agreement comes into effect from Wednesday, 1 November 2013 and is the result of a continuing dialogue between the Department of Health and Hospice Isle of Man. The SLA reflects the joint wish of both the Department and Hospice Isle of Man to provide an integrated comprehensive Palliative Care Service to residents across the Island.

 Hospice agrees to continue to provide a comprehensive Palliative Care Service, maintaining the excellent standard of patient care, showing full consideration of partners, family and friends wellbeing and emotional support needs, as well as those of the patient.

In acknowledgement of the services that the Hospice offers to the community and the considerable expense incurred, the Department agrees to supply along with various other support, an equal cash contribution each year for the next five years, including carrying out auditing and benchmarking of the financial and activity data supplied by the Hospice.

The Department will continue to supply a number of facilities and support such as professional indemnity and continuing professional education for Hospice staff; medicines, clinical and sterile supplies, laundry, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, radiology and pathology, anaesthetic and ambulance services for patients in their care.

Chairman of Hospice, Sir Miles Walker said: “We are pleased to be able to sign this Service Level Agreement today.  I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of Hospice Isle of Man to thank the Minister for Health Mr David Anderson MHK, Chief Executive Mr David Killip, Deputy Chief Executive Mrs Lesley Keenan and Director of Finance Mr Simon Jackson for all their hard work in bringing about this Agreement.

“I would also like to thank the Hospice Chief Executive, Mrs Margaret Simpson and the Board of Governors for their involvement and on-going work.  As a charity we are particularly pleased to have reached an agreement as we are aware that this grant is given in what is recognisably a cautious financial climate on the Isle of Man.  I would like to thank the Isle of Man Government and the Isle of Man Treasury for their support as this grant will help Hospice to continue to provide the excellent standard of care and allow our specialist staff to continue to develop both their skills and their education.”

Minister for Health, Mr David Anderson MHK said: “In signing this Agreement, we record that the Department recognises the significant contribution Hospice Isle of Man makes to the Island’s health service. The Department is fully aware of the challenges facing Hospice Isle of Man to raise the £3.5m each year that is needed to continue to deliver vital patient care.  That is why their outstanding effort is supported by the Department; it is hoped to be able to offer continuous assistance not just now but in the future. I would add my thanks to those of Sir Miles Walker, to all the staff of Hospice Isle of Man for the delivery of the specialist Palliative Care Service which continues to improve the quality of life of the patients and their families.”



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