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Hospice Isle of Man needs to raise £3.5 million each and every year so the team always prides itself on being the forefront of different and innovative ways of raising funds.

So for 2012 the team have filmed an e-card which was launched at the Pearl Ball on Friday 2nd November. This fantastically funny e-card involved a huge amount of the staff at Hospice along with patients and volunteers.

The e-card filmed by Paul Moulton of PMC Television and took 1 day to film. The full version was played along with outtakes at the launch of 30 years of Hospice event at the Villa Marina on the 2nd November with a ‘snippet’ being available to download from Hospice’s website shortly after that.

To purchase the e-card the charity asks for a minimum donation of £5 for individuals with the hope that companies will purchase this e-card instead of sending out their printed cards. It is hoped that organisations will donate the money saved in this manner to the charity. Each year Hospice looks after 350 patients through their various services between the In Patient Unit, Day Unit or through Hospice at Home. In addition Rebecca House looks after 25 children on the island that require the services of a children’s Hospice.

As 4 in 10 people will be touched by cancer at some stage in their lives by purchasing this e-card they are supporting a much loved, valued and needed service on the Island. In addition Paul Moulton has cleverly added the Manx flag at the end of the e-card with a message from the Chief Executive, Margaret Simpson so it is hoped that the e-card will be sent to loved ones across the world with a Manx flavour.

Mrs Simpson added: “The e-card was a tremendous project to be part of.” “I would like to thank all the team at Hospice for getting involved.”

“Paul and his assistant Kym had the patience of saints – it was a real feat of filming.” “Paul has always been a great supporter of Hospice and this e-card definitely brought out his creative side.” “I would like to thank both of them for their fantastic efforts for Hospice.”

“I hope the e-card will not only raise lots of money for Hospice, it was a tremendous team-building day but perhaps it can also show local people that we have a lighter side to our organisation.” “I feel  this is not something people always associate with our charity.”

“As far as I am aware this is the first charity e-card on the Island and I hope that this fun way of raising funds will help us to continue to help others.” “This e-card can be sent out as many times as required although I would encourage the receiver to make a donation to Hospice if they wish to re-send it on.” “On average I think people send out about 40 Christmas cards and spend about £50 – so this is e-card is good for the environment by saving on paper, it will save them money and help a good cause – what could be better.”

“We would be thrilled if we went viral with it – Hospice is on Twitter at hospiceiom or on Facebook on hospiceiom. A trend would be excellent #hospiceiomecard

The “snippet” of the card is available to view below. The full e-card will be available to download from Monday. Once you have purchased the e-card it will state along the bottom of the screen a message “I have supported my local Hospice – Hospice Isle of Man.”. Individuals can, for a minimum donation of £5, send the card out to as many people as they want.

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For further details or to register your interest please contact Mary Doyle, PR and Marketing Manager for Hospice on 647431/490819 or email marydoyle@hospice.org.im


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