Back Home Boxes


Compassionate Isle of Man's new initiative, 'Back Home Boxes'

The Back Home Box is a part of Compassionate Isle of Man, an initiative that helps to support people in times of crises and at the end of life, and to help build on the natural strength and resilience of our community. 


Packed and delivered by our compassionate team, 'Back Home Boxes' contain essential, non-perishable groceries for people who live alone and are returning home following a stay in hospital or Hospice, so they don’t have to worry about going to the shops in their first few days back home. The initiative helps to reduce a sense of isolation and loneliness for the patient, helping aid their recovery.


Compassionate IOM is delighted to be working in partnership with the Co-op, who is supporting the initiative. Co-op branded items could be purchased and donated to the in-store drop off points, these can be identified using point of sale cards in your local Co-op. Please feel free to use your Co-op reward card points to buy your non-perishable goods, or alternatively donate some from home to the in-store drop off point to help fill the compassionate 'Back Home Boxes'. Tesco have also been incredibly generous by providing the boxes with fresh bread.


Local school children from Henry Bloom Noble, Onchan, Jurby, Braddan and Ballacottier have shown some incredible compassion with this scheme by helping design posters to accompany the food drop off points, engaging our community on a number of levels.


Not only have local schools helped with poster design, but have also assisted in creating some of the boxes' contents. Ballacottier School children beautifully decorated some heart-shaped kindness tokens with well-wishes and heart-felt notes of compassion, and Braddan School children made some delightful 'Welcome Home' cards for the recipients. These lovely touches should put a smile on anybody's face, and help spread compassion amongst our wider community, including the younger generation.


Another added touch in the 'Back Home Boxes' is some gorgeously cosy, hand-knitted knee blankets. These blankets help to provide added warmth and comfort to their user, and really make all the difference being donated by local knitters. Knitting patterns are available should anybody wish to generously knit or crochet a 30X30 inch square blanket with chunky wool. To get your knitting pattern, find out more or join our 'Knit n' natter' group, contact the Compassionate Isle of Man team on 647492 / 647498 or by emailing


A massive thank you to everyone who has been involved so far. We are very excited to be spreading so much compassion amongst our community with the 'Back Home Boxes' and hope all who will be using them will feel the love and kindness that has gone into making their return home that much easier.

Take a look at the development of our Back Home Boxes below:

Boxes development



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