Advance Care Planning

Dying to be heard opens up many conversation topics which can help you and your loved ones now, but also in your future. Thinking ahead and writing your future health care preferences down in an Advance Care Plan will ensure that should you ever lack capacity to voice them yourself, your voice can still be heard, and anyone who provides care for you in the future tailors it according to your wishes.
You may find it difficult to discuss these decisions with your family and friends, and it may not be something you prefer to think about, but Hospice Isle of Man is here to help. We have developed an Advance Care Plan leaflet which is very easy to follow, and gives you the opportunity to consider and record what your personal preferences for future care might look like. Don’t worry though, you can change any of your choices at any point and the document is not legally binding, it will simply guide your healthcare professionals and help shape your future care, ensuring your voice is always heard.
Your Advance Care Plan belongs to you, it is about you and for you. It is however very important that you share a copy of your plan with relevant people such as family and those involved in your care both now and in the future including your GP and Hospice Isle of Man.
You can download your Advance Care Plan here
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