Dying to be heard - Hospice listens

From 11-17th May, we will be supporting Dying Matters Week which aims to help people talk more openly about dying, death, bereavement, and making plans for the end of life.

“Dying to be heard” is this year’s Dying Matters topic and for Hospice Isle of Man, providing end of life care is about ensuring our patients are as comfortable as possible and that we are delivering what matters to them, so that they can live well, their way, to the end of their life.

We all have a different interpretation of what ‘living well’ means. For some, living well means staying at home and spending time with family, for others it is about being free from pain. It is so important, now so more than ever, for us to listen to our patients, giving them choice and dignity at the end of their life, and when our patients are ‘dying to be heard’, our In Patient Unit and Community Team are there to listen.

Dame Cicely Saunders, founder of the modern hospice movement once said, "You matter because you are you, and you matter to the end of your life". Since 1983 we have cared for over 8,000 patients and their families with this ethos, and are committed to provide highest standard of Hospice care, meeting the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of not only our patients, but their loved ones too, truly being there to listen.

Dying Matters, and we are here to talk about it and delivery what matters to you.


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