Young Persons Support Services - Dying Matters

When children and young people are bereaved, they grieve in many different ways. Whilst “Dying to be heard” they may be unsure how to cope with or express their thoughts and emotions, and may benefit from being supported through this difficult time. Our Young Person’s Support Service is here to make sure any child or young person up to the age of 21 who has come into contact with Hospice either through a relative or as a patient themselves, is heard.

Our wonderful team of trained Psychotherapists, Clinical Psychologists and Support Workers provide Psychological and Bereavement Support through individual sessions offering the best possible mental health and wellbeing support for children and young people as they cope with their grief. As a service we have provided over 1500 individual bereavement sessions to young people since we began.

Using a range of techniques including talking therapy, CBT/DBT techniques, creative therapy or relaxation and mindfulness, the team support the children and young people by listening to them, watching their behaviour, identifying their reactions and observing their play, to be able to fully hear the child and understand their story and experience.

Once our current building refurbishments are complete and we are able to facilitate our services again, our fortnightly ‘Drop in’ sessions will resume at our fully enhanced Jade’s place, which will be able to offer increased group sessions at any one time. These sessions give children the opportunity to meet other young people who are going through similar experiences and explore their feelings, emotions and coping mechanisms together to support each other.

We know coping with pre and post bereavement is hard, especially for children and young people who may be “Dying to be heard” and it is our honour to support them through this difficult time. If they want to talk, our team listens.


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