Meditation tips

Meditation tips

Zen is often described as being at one with nature and your spirit through practicing meditation– the ultimate relaxation and mindfulness.

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Simple tips to help you create your moment of zen. *

Create a routine

Meditate after regular activities to help your mind create a positive habit.

Set the scene

Choose a calm, quiet space and diffuse Organic Frankincense Essential Oil or our Mediation Aromatherapy Blend to enhance feelings of harmony.

Get comfortable

You don’t have to sit crossed legged but don’t get so comfortable you snooze.

Let your thoughts flow

Let thoughts float in and out without fixing on them.

Start off slowly

Start off meditating for 5 minutes and then build up to longer sessions slowly.

Join an online group or virtual class

If you find it hard to motivate yourself find an online tutorial, class or virtual group, you’ll also meet some like-minded people.


* Meditation tips from Neal's Yard

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