Self Massage for headaches

Self-massage for headaches

Our team of therapists have put together some wonderful massage tips that you can try on yourself to ease headaches and to help you relax. Follow the easy steps below to help relieve your pains and stresses:

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1. Breathing out tension – Comfortable even breath in through the nose, out though the mouth sighing away all tension. Repeat three times.

2. Hands over eyes – Place your elbows on table or chair back. Lean forward so hands support weight of head. Cup your hands over your eyes for a minute

3. Head hold – Cradle head between hands – heels on temples, fingers at top of head. Squeeze with the heels of both hands. Move hands further back & repeat.

4. Scalp lift – Interlock fingers & slowly press palms inwards & upwards against scalp, so skin moves. Move to other areas and repeat as often as you wish.

5. Scalp de-stressing – Press with 1 or 2 finger pads at base of neck. Hold for a few seconds & release. Continue, moving from up to the base of the skull and continue all over the scalp. Repeat, this time making circles with finger pads.

6. Massaging temples – Make small slow circles with 2 finger pads at the temples. Stroke forehead with finger pads very slowly. Either centre forehead outwards or from eyebrows up to hairline. Both hands or alternately. Repeat a few times.

7. Eye circling – Draw a circle using 1 or 2 finger pads from centre of brow, out along eyebrows & around top of cheeks.

8. Loosening a tight jaw – Hands at sides of mouth. Stroke heels out to ears. Repeat 3 times. Small kneading rotations over same area using pads of 2 middle fingers. Feel for taught muscles. Move slowly. Stroke again.

9. Sit quietly with your hands gently cupping your eyes again.

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