Relaxation and Mindfulness

Being worried and anxious can often result in us feeling tense and overwhelmed. By focusing on our breathing and using a variety of relaxation techniques we can encourage our muscles to relax and help our mind to unwind.

Relaxation is a useful skill to learn and the more you practice the easier and more effective you will find it.

Take time for yourself and join our Occupational Therapist in these short guided imagery (visualisation) sessions.

Take yourself on a relaxation journey with Jo Beard, Senior Occupational Therapist at Hospice Isle of Man, by tuning into our mindfullness videos below.


A relaxation CD, recorded by our Occupational Therapist, offers a variety of techniques to help you learn new ways to relax. This includes breathing control techniques, muscle relaxation and the use of imagery.

This is available for purchase for £10 from the Scholl Wellbeing Centre and from hospice shops

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