Stress Management

The stress response occurs inside our body when we are faced with real, imagined or suspected threat or worry.

We believe that once you begin to develop an awareness of the causes and signs of stress you can begin to find ways to manage this stress. This may involve making small changes in your day to day life.

Allow time for activities which give you a sense of achievement, you find enjoyable and help you to relax.

Take one step at a time – try not to plan too far ahead.

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Stress Management

Topics covered

  • Relaxation techniques > Muscular relaxation

A relaxation CD, recorded by our Occupational Therapist, offers a variety of techniques to help you learn new ways to relax. This includes breathing control techniques, muscle relaxation and the use of imagery.

This is available for purchase for £10 from the Scholl Wellbeing Centre and from hospice shops


Relaxation sessions

Times of drop-in 10.30 am - 5.00pm


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