Pay for a Day

Pay for a Day

In marking Hospice's 40th year of care, we are launching 'Pay for a Day', where every day matters. Sponsor 24 hours of Hospice care on a date symbolic to you or your business in 2023 so your special day, becomes ours.



Pay for a Day is a way you can celebrate a symbolic date by contributing towards the cost of 24 hours of care at Hospice Isle of Man for £1,000.


All dates are exclusive with the exception of national holiday dates including Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Christmas Day where multiple contributions may be accepted on these symbolic dates.


Recognising your support

We know that the day you choose will be important to you or your business, and will help us to make a real difference. So, to help celebrate your day and show our gratitude we'll mark it in several ways...


Welcome you to Hospice
It would be our pleasure to invite you to visit us at Hospice and Rebecca House. You will be able to see for yourself the compassionate care your generous contribution has helped pay for, supporting us to continue helping those who need us.

Why not make your day even more special and visit us on your significant date?


A certificate
We will send you a personalised certificate displaying your special date which you can keep as a reminder of your generosity.


Recognition Online
With your permission we would like to tell people about your day on our social media and website where we can share why this day is so special to you, and thank you publicly for your generosity. We will even create a personalised "thank you" video message to share with others.


Our Hospice calendars feature key dates throughout the year, and your special day will be one of them. (subject to printing times, and stock orders)


Hospice Reception Displays
Each date which is sponsored will be proudly displayed in our reception areas.


Online Diary
Your date will be remembered permanently on our website diary (subject to publication time - please note the Diary page is undergoing maintenance at this time)


How do I Pay for a Day?

Start by choosing the special date you wish to support, whether that's a special birthday, anniversary, significant business date, or a date that celebrates the memory of someone special.

Complete the Pay for a Day form below where you can choose to sponsor the date for 2023, or make it an annual donation and contribute £1,000 towards this date every year via Direct Debit. Dates are exclusive with the exception of above mentioned.

By making a personal donation, donating as an organisation, or fundraising the amount, you really can help us continue making a life-changing difference to the people of our island.


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