Hospice Isle of Man provides care for its patients and their families at no cost to users.

This year the charity is 30 years old. 83p of every pound is spent on patient care.

Each and every year the Fundraising Team need to raise £3.5 million. £600,000 cash grant plus other benefits is given by the Isle of Man Department of Health (in total approx. £700k).

The remaining income comes from fundraising events, legacies, general donations and the Hospice shops.

Did you know:

It costs £300 a day to provide a bed in Hospice?

We help around 800 local people and their families every year – that works out at 10,000 people over the last 30 years.

It costs £10,000 a day to run Hospice

You can help by making a donation, attending an event, buying some lovely item from one of our shops or by leaving a legacy to Hospice – help us to continue to help others.

Contact the fundraising team on 647431 or email


Help us to carry on caring with Text Giving... Simply text HOSPICE to 70555 to give a regular donation of £5 per month