Hand Care

Hand Care

Hand sanitation is a very important part of controlling the spread of infection – but what can we do to protect our hands?

Repeated hand washing and using sanitizers can be very drying and irritating for the skin. Irritated skin is vulnerable to becoming extremely dry and cracked, which then opens them up to the risk of bacterial infection.

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Keeping hands well moisturised and avoiding irritants is the key. Using a good quality hand cream after every hand wash should become part of your regular hand-care routine.

Moisturising carrier, or base oils are also perfect for this. Oils such as Sweet Almond, Calendula, Argan, Jojoba, Apricot and Coconut are quickly absorbed into the skin and will help repair damage as well as moisturise.

Calendula oil is traditionally used for dry, chapped, sore skin so is an ideal choice.

You only need to apply a very small amount after each hand wash, working in gentle circular massage movements to ensure that all of the oil is absorbed.

Taking a little extra time to massage your hands will have excellent results and is a very relaxing, enjoyable thing to do at anytime, but especially so when preparing for bed. This can become part of your routine to create a transition phase between waking and sleeping to promote a restful and easy sleep.

How to do a hand massage

When applying your chosen carrier oils or a hand cream you can increase the results by giving your hands a thorough massage treatment to increase the blood supply. Use small circular movements with your fingertips over the back of your hands and right up to your finger joints, front and back. This action stimulates the circulation in your hands and forces a fresh supply of oxygenated blood to help speed up the healing process.

Be sure to massage the back of your hands using your thumbs working all the way up to your wrists. After this treatment your hands will feel refreshed, revitalised and relaxed with the increased blood flow, and the oils will keep working to soften your skin. Be sure to massage over your nails and cuticles as well to help prevent splits and breaks.

To really give yourself a treat, why not watch the video below for some hand scrub recipe ideas!


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