Hospice Stories

Our incredible patients have some fascinating stories to tell, they are inspiring and moving, and truly showcase the work that goes on here at Hospice. Using Hospice services can be a daunting time for anyone, especially when they don't know what to expect.

Here, you can read more about the care we provide to the patient, and their loved ones, whether they are with us for palliative or end of life care.

Lucy Woolnough - Patient Relative

Jane Arzts - Patient Relative

William (Bill) Smith - Patient

Elaine Dewhirst - Patient Relative

Elisa Matthews - Patient Relative

Claire Marsland - Patient Relative

Ann Bate - Patient Relative

Laura Warren – Patient Relative

Jeanette Williford - Patient Relative

Claire Quirk-Kermeen - Patient Relative

Jean Irving - Patient Relative

Jane Corkill - Patient Relative

Beck Beetham - Patient Relative

Karen Winstanley - Patient

Joanne Taylor - Patient Relative

Kathy Darnill -  Supportive & Pastoral Care Coordinator

Sinead Astill - Patient Relative

Charlotte Downward - Patient Relative

Caroline Robinson & Helen Postlethwaite – Patient Relatives

Paula Looker - Relative of Lymphoedema Patient

Mary Linehan - Long-term Hospice Supporter

Susan Varey - Patient Relative

Dr Ben Harris – Director of Clinical Governance and Compliance

Margaret Carr - Patient Relative

Charlotte Hutchinson - Patient Relative

Margaret Simpson - Hospice CEO 2004 – 2016

Rosemary Povey - Patient Relative

Georgina Revill - Relative of Founding Member

Colette Wylde - Patient Relative

Gerri Allinson - Clinical Nurse Specialist at Hospice Isle of Man

Marg Mcgee - Hospice Patient

Beth Vickers - Registered Nurse at Hospice Isle of Man

Peter Kelly - Patient Relative & Fundraiser

Pauline Pritchard - Patient Relative

Susan Biggerstaff - Patient Relative

Julie Molyneux - Patient Relative

Danielle Hill - Health Care Assistant at Hospice Isle of Man

Linda Lewis - Volunteer of Hospice Isle of Man

Sylwia Borejsza – Senior Housekeeper at Hospice Isle of Man

Susan Rafferty – FAB (Fatigue & Breathlessness) Patient

Sarah Cubbon – Family member of patient and Community Fundraiser at Hospice Isle of Man

Rebecca Owen – Senior Registered Nurse at Hospice Isle of Man

Chris Hall – Chairman of Hospice Isle of Man

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