Before I die I want to

Last year during Dying Matter Week, Compassionate Isle of Man toured the Island with the “Before I die I want to…” board, encouraging people to start thinking about their future and what their life might look like before they die. This opened-up a whole host of conversations, and after sharing lots of in-depth thoughts, tears and laughter, our community board was full of bucket list wishes including travel plans, family wishes, peaceful thinking and more.
This year however, getting out in our community unfortunately isn’t possible, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be encouraging this thought and reflection. Our “Before I die I want to…” board will be making a virtual appearance and we would love for you to get involved!
If you are “dying to be heard”, simply leave us a comment on our Facebook post with what you would like to do before you die. This could be something such as write a Will or pre-plan your own funeral, or it could be something fulfilling like start a family or open your own business. Your comment is personal to you, and we would love to hear all about what you want to do before you die, so please get involved and share the opportunity with your friends and family.
Dying matters, so let’s talk about it compassionately.
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