Hospice Transformation Update – Enhancing our Healing Environment


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued patience and support whilst we continue with our major refurbishment works to ‘Enhance our Healing Environment’. Everyone at Hospice appreciates that this has caused disruption to some of the services we provide, however we know that you share our thoughts that this short term disruption will be worthwhile in the long term, as it will really be of significant benefit to patients, their families and our staff.


Since the refurbishments commenced in June 2019, your Hospice has been undergoing some significant changes and enhancements in response to the feedback we received from patients, their families and the public about what matters to them at the end of their lives. Through the generosity of a single benefactor, this enabled us to make those significant changes over a 12-month period rather than over a planned five-year period, enabling us to meet current and future regulatory requirements as well as the future needs of patients.


During our refurbishment phase, we have taken the opportunity to expand some of our community services, such as Hospice at Home, whilst also continuing to deliver some clinical services from our main Hospice unit at Strang. Our in-patient unit continues to operate from a dedicated wing at Southlands in Port Erin until the refurbishment works are completed and we will keep you updated on progress and the timings for our big move back. Indeed, our patients, volunteers and staff are looking forward to moving when our beautiful gardens should be nearing full bloom. 


Hospice at Southlands has been very positive, and we do hope to continue to work with their wonderful team going forward and we are extremely grateful to the Department of Health and Social Care for making this facility available to us.


Whilst the generosity of our benefactor has enabled us to undertake significant structural changes to our building, we do still need your continued support towards new furnishings, fixtures and specialised equipment for our therapy and patient rooms.


Our partners and supporters on the Island give so generously as they know just how important it is that people at the end of their life receive care in a bespoke and sensitive environment if they cannot be at home. They also know that the children and young people and their families who benefit from the facilities at our Rebecca House Children’s Hospice have care that stimulates their senses and helps them to achieve their own goals. So please get in touch and find out how you or your organisation can be part of this fantastic life-changing project and join the growing number of people who want to be a part of the fabric of your Island Hospice.  


It is fantastic that the refurbishment is currently on schedule and we will begin our move back to Hospice at Strang in early summer 2020. We will be sharing much more information about the changes and enhancements over the coming months.


Once again, we would like to say a sincere thank you for your continued support, patience and extraordinary generosity without which, we would not be able to continue to provide end of life care to patients, their families and their carers, free of charge.


For more information about supporting your Hospice, please call us on 647400.

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