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Co-editing a special edition Journal

When we formed our strategy, 'Much more Than a Building', one of our main commitments was 'Delivering what matters to you'. This saw the launch of our Scholl Academic Centre early in 2019, which permits us to research, develop and evaluate new models of integrated palliative and end of life care which suit the needs of our service users.

As the Director of the Scholl Academic Centre, I am truly humbled to have been recognised as a thought leader in developing Hospice Care, having been asked to co-edit a special edition of the Journal of Integrated Care along with fellow guest editors Professor Anne Hendry and Professor Debbie Tolson from the University of the West of Scotland and Professor Aine Carroll from the University College Dublin.

This special edition will address the topic of integrated palliative and end of life care for people who have complex care needs associated with frailty or advanced dementia. As these topics are usually addressed separately, this special issue will help bring together a case for a more integrated, person-centred approach to caring for people living with or experiencing symptoms associated with dementia or frailty, and how to manage this at home, hospital or indeed a hospice setting.

Papers can be submitted from now until 31st December 2019, with the hope of this special edition presenting a blend of research evidence, international practitioner insights and global interdisciplinary perspectives on a number of fitting themes including:

·         Measuring outcomes on quality of life
·         Case studies of integrated models
·         Person centres relational practice in end of life care

For further guidance on anticipated themes, or more information on submitting a paper to the Journal of integrated Care’s special edition, visit

I look forward to seeing a host of submissions and gaining insight into valuable research and supportive case studies from not only representatives from Hospice Isle of Man's Scholl Academic Centre, but from across the globe.


Anne Mills
Chief Executive
Hospice Isle of Man
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