CEO Visits Hospice Gardener

Our new CEO John Knight has really immersed himself into each role at Hospice, trying to get to know the team.

Next on John's list to spend time with was Tracy, our gardener, this is what he had to say about his time with her;


"On Wednesday 7th June, I was privileged to spend the morning working with Tracy, the hard-working and highly skilled hospice gardener. Anyone who has visited Hospice Isle of Man cannot have failed to notice just how beautiful the extensive gardens are, all year round – and this is down to Tracy and a small group of willing volunteers who work under her guidance to keep everything looking its best. I have always known that patients and their family members really enjoy the outside areas of our hospice, so it was great to see several people wandering the footpaths and admiring the many and various plants, taking some time out from their visit and perhaps time for quiet reflection.

Like so many other core staff, Tracy works tirelessly all year round, proud of all that she achieves but for the benefit of others, and so she should be. Like Tracy the catering team, the facilities team, domestics and all other support staff are the background heroes that keep Hospice Isle of Man ticking over so effectively – we are indebted to them for doing such crucial jobs come rain or shine."

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