End of Life Experience Survey


Our Scholl Academic Centre has recently launched an End of Life Experience Survey which aims to understand the views and opinions of those who have recently experienced the end of life care of a loved one.


Initially available at the Civil Registry Office in Douglas, this anonymous questionnaire is intended for anyone who has experienced caring for a loved one at the end of their life and is registering the death in the Isle of Man. This will include the experience of carers and families who may not necessarily have received Hospice care.


Sponsored by the Scholl Academic Centre and approved by the Isle of Man Research Ethics Committee, this survey will help Hospice Isle of Man and other relevant services to understand and improve end of life care for all who need it on the Island.


A summary of findings from the survey will be available to those working in end of life care to aid the design of future services, survey participants who request it or any public organisation or charity who could use the information to improve services for end of life care.


Anne Mills, CEO of Hospice Isle of Man and Director of the Scholl Academic Centre said:

“We anticipate that around 64% of deaths on the Isle of Man could benefit from specialist palliative and end of life care, currently Hospice cares for around 30% of all deaths which means 34% of people who are dying and their families are not currently supported by Hospice. Evidence demonstrates that the experience of dying for patients, carers and families is improved when Hospice is involved in their care.”


Hospice believes that anyone with palliative care needs should be able to benefit from our care and we are committed to achieving this by reaching people earlier with easier access and driving innovation for better end of life care.


The findings of this survey will be used to identify areas that need to be improved in the delivery of end of life care on the Island and will help us identify groups of people who would benefit from specialist palliative and end of life care input. We will measure the impact of improvements made following the survey findings and will ideally embed this survey into normal practice so that we are continuously responding to feedback of peoples experiences.


Anne Mills and members of our Scholl Academic Centre Research Team, Giovanna Cruz and Sarah McGhee met with Rhian Evans from Manx Radio to talk about the survey. The interview can be viewed by clicking here >>>

For more information on this survey please contact Dr Giovanna Cruz, Research Fellow, Hospice Isle of Man on- 647424 or Giovanna.Cruz@hospice.org.im

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