Enhancing the Healing Environment update


Enhancing the Healing Environment update

On June 15th, Hospice in-patients were temporarily relocated to a refurbished and dedicated unit at Southlands where its services will be fully operational during this temporary period. Southlands is featured in the accompanying image.


Refurbishment work has already begun at the main Hospice building with the removal of old flooring, doors, ceilings and en-suites, as well as some partition walls throughout the building being taken down and the unit entrance way is being cleared of excess shrubbery.


We are still operating all of our services and have now begun to temporarily re-house some of them for the duration of the refurbishment period. Drop in Days and the Day Unit continue to run on existing timetables from the Hospice building whilst other out-patient services will be delivered from Hospice, Southlands and within the community. Rebecca House will be operating from the Scholl Wellbeing Centre Day Unit and Young Person’s Support Service being delivered from the Hospice building and within the community and all existing community-based services will continue as usual. 


We would like to thank Tevir Group who have so generously committed to funding this project, enabling us to improve the physical environment, providing greater independence, privacy and dignity for our patients, their family and friends.


A video explaining the refurbishment work can be found on homepage of www.hospice.org.im.

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