Handmade hearts

Pairs of hearts for patients and loved ones

We would like to say a huge “thank you” to some of our wonderful volunteers and community supporters who have so thoughtfully been making us matching pairs of small handmade hearts so that we can share these with our In-patients, patients in the community and their loved ones. One heart will stay with our patient, and the other is given to their family as a source of support and comfort to them during these challenging times of social distancing.

It’s amazing seeing our community showing such compassion, coming together during this time to continue to help us, our patients and their loved ones.


If you would like to support us by making some beautiful little handmade heart pairs, here's how you can help;


  1. Let us know you are making hearts so we can keep a track of how many we are expecting and discuss posting or collection of your hearts - email christine.chadwick@hospice.org.im
  2. Making small-sized hearts - big enough to fit easily in your hand
  3. Make from brand new or cleaned materials - this is important for infection prevention control
  4. You can crochet, knit, sew your hearts etc. - get creative, but please remember their purpose when making them
  5. Place your hearts in a dated, Zip-lock bag
  6. Please post your handmade hearts to:
    Christine Chadwick, 
    Hospice Isle of Man, Strang, Isle of Man, IM4 4RP

If you are unable to post, please get in touch to arrange collection of your hearts in a safe way.


Here's some beautiful homemade heart examples:

Untitled design 8

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