Helping Hands

A course for carers

Many Hospice patients and service users benefit from the therapies we provide. If you are a carer of a Hospice patient and would like to learn how to provide some of these treatments yourself in order to compliment the care that we provide, then this is the course for you.

It is our natural urge to comfort someone with the touch of a hand, a hug, or to ‘rub it better’ when someone is hurt. Gentle touch and massage can help us to relax, lowering our blood pressure and our stress levels. It can ease tension and provide relief from discomfort. It can improve our mood and help us to rest and sleep.

This introductory course has been developed by the Hospice Complementary Therapy Team to help you to feel more confident in providing safe, simple, gentle massage. We can also help you to learn about using Aromatherapy (essential oils) in massage and in other simple ways.

If you are interested, or have any questions, please call our Complementary therapy team on 647452

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