Hospice Coming Home

Throughout the past year, thanks to the Tevir Group, Hospice Isle of Man has undergone significant building refurbishments in order to Enhance the Healing Environment and ensure the building is fit for purpose for years to come. We are pleased that our ‘Coming Home Project’ will shortly see the return of our services back to Hospice in Strang.

As we prepare for this, we will temporarily be adapting our practice at Hospice. Since March, the activity in our In Patient Unit (IPU) has decreased to four admissions per month, whilst we have experienced an increase in patients whose preference is to remain at home in the community.

Whilst our service will continue to deliver Hospice influenced care 24/7, the emphasis of care will be in community settings including nursing and residential homes, with enhanced support within Noble’s and Ramsey District Cottage Hospital as per usual.

To note, Hospice are accepting referrals via the usual process.

We will continually review the needs of people who require in patient care and planned clinic appointments continue to be provided at our temporary site in Southlands.

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