Hospice Isle of Man is delighted to announce the re-introduction of an essential service within the existing in-patient unit; Bloom Respite Care.

The re-introduction of this service showcases a great collaboration of two high profile Manx charities, who are coming together for a two year partnership; Hospice Isle of Man and the Henry Bloom Noble Healthcare Trust. As a result, there will now be two fully staffed beds dedicated to excellent clinical quality Bloom respite care.

Respite Care has previously been a vital service extended free of charge to patients by Hospice Isle of Man. Unfortunately, Hospice’s Respite Care service was cut due to financial constraints and staffing shortages during COVID.

Although nursing homes offer Respite Care on island, both cost and accessibility is prohibitive to many. There are significant waiting lists for places and often care can only be confirmed a week in advance. Many respite care patients have critical care needs (eg tracheotomies or physically debilitating conditions) that most nursing homes cannot easily accommodate.

Any person with a life-limiting condition, who meets Hospice criteria, will be eligible for the service, free at the point of delivery, benefitting the patient, their carers, families and loved ones, within the unique patient-centred Hospice environment.

Terry Groves, chairman of the Henry Bloom Noble Trust said: “This support we are giving to this vital element of the care available at our Hospice meets one of our most important criteria - that the funding we are able to provide brings almost immediate results to those who need the care.”

BLOOM Respite Care will be offered to those who need it most, making the most impact. The aims of the collaboration between Hospice and the Henry Bloom Noble Healthcare Trust include improving the wellbeing of patients with life-limiting conditions, improving the relationships with their family, improving the wellbeing of their carers and providing an enhanced end of life journey, when the time comes, for those with life-limiting conditions. Within the room, there is also what is known as a ‘Cuddle Bed’. The bed has the same footprint as a standard Ward Bed, but at the touch of a button, it can widen to a double bed. Hospice is finding it a fantastic bed for delivering Palliative care. Additionally, the ability to be able to get into the same bed as your loved one, and have a cuddle or offer comfort at the most tender of times is proving to be incredibly beneficial.

John Knight, Chief Executive Officer from Hospice Isle of Man, said “The value that respite care brings to both our patients and their loved ones is invaluable. Our respite care will surround the patient with the comfort and warmth of our caring environment, along with round the clock clinical specialist care on site. The patient gets a change of environment with interactions with all of the incredible Hospice team.

Without the support of the Henry Bloom Noble Healthcare Trust this wouldn’t be possible. We are truly grateful on behalf of our patients.”

Hospice care always has been and always will be about the patient. However, in the darkest of times, when the situation at home can seem impossible, Respite Care can make a lasting and vital difference to families who are in real need. Respite care will provide many great advantages to the family or carer; they will know that the patient is in safe hands, being well cared for, they have a medic nearby and will provide the carer themselves with the gift of rest and recuperation. The difference that Respite makes to everyone surrounding the patient then has a positive impact on the mental wellbeing of the patients themselves.

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