Hospice Lead Admiral Nurse Shortlisted for RCN Awards 2022

Hospice Isle of Man is delighted that Lead Admiral Nurse Jeanette Hogg has been successfully shortlisted for the acclaimed Commitment to Carers Award in the RCN Nursing Awards 2022. It is such an honour and privilege for Hospice Isle of Man that one of their very loyal and dedicated nurses has been shortlisted for such a prestigious award.  

Admiral Nurses work with people with dementia, carers and relatives giving expert guidance via telephone, face to face and in clinics. The Admiral Nurse Service is funded by the charity; Forget Me Not Trust and this vital service is hosted at Hospice Isle of Man. 

Earlier this year, Jeanette initiated a new service called Your time, Your Place which is a Dementia Wellbeing Group that supports not only patients, but their carers as well. These sessions are held at Hospice every week, giving much needed tailored information and support.  

Jeanette also developed a 1-to-1 carer support evaluation questionnaire which is used to shape the service to meet carer needs in their own support roles. Some of the positive feedback given from carers has included; 

I am in a better place now, I feel more positive since you have been involved (Sept 21). 

You supported us and went beyond to give us peace in a difficult time (Aug 21). 

It gave me and my family all the information and support we needed to prepare for [name] dying. 

One of the most admirable things, and recognised through the shortlisting, about Jeanette is that she is very passionate about her role and she is truly an inspirational individual who absolutely provides gold standard support to all who use our service. 

The Award would further validate all the hard work Jeanette has put into setting up and expanding this very valuable service at Hospice over the past few years. She has enabled Hospice Isle of Man’s patients and their carers to feel supported and cared for by the right professionals, who understand what they are going through giving tremendous relief. 

These services are only made possible by the generosity of kind supporters and are reliant on continued donations from our communities. For details of services, or of how to support or make a contribution, please visit: www.hospice.org.im 

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