Hospice Shops can accept your rag donations


Donating to Hospice is an easy choice for clothes and textiles that are still presentable, but what about those that are far past their prime? Well, we have just the answer! Why not donate them to our Hospice Shops ‘Rag Bag’ container instead?!


When it comes to disposing of your old, raggy clothes and materials that you no longer use, stop before you toss them into your bin and consider donating your rags at the Hospice Superstore instead!


Donating your rags is completely FREE and could not be easier! Simply pop your unwearable, unusable rags into your own bag and donate to us at the Hospice Superstore.


Every tonne donated helps us raise valuable funds to continue supporting our patients and their families, and last year we are delighted that your rag donations helped raise an incredible £44,866 for our Hospice.


So, every rag you bag really does help us continue make a life-changing difference!

To find out more about donating your rags to Hospice visit www.hospiceshops.com/rags

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