Kevin Burnell's incredible in memorial donation

Theresa's Trolley

Earlier this year, Kevin Burnell visited us to let us know that he would like to make a donation in memory of his late wife Theresa, who passed away in February of last year after using Hospice services.
He wanted it to go towards something creative that can be used within the Hospice and after discussions with the team, the idea of Theresa's Trolley was born. The two art trolleys, for use both within Hospice and the community, include a variety of art supplies that can be used in creative activities for our adult patients and the children of Rebecca House.
Yesterday, Kevin and two of his daughters came up to Hospice for the grand unveiling of Theresa's Trolley, just a day after what would have been Theresa's 60th birthday on August 31st.
We can't thank Kevin and his family enough for their generous donation, and were so pleased to see Kyra in Rebecca House putting the trolleys to good use yesterday afternoon! </body></html>
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