Meet Rosie Glen from our Hospice Team!

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Meet the next fantastic member of our Hospice team; Rosie Glen. Rosie is a Senior Health Care Assistant in our Integrated Care Team for our patients.
See below to find out what her role involves and her favourite things about working at Hospice!
From 10th until 14th October, we celebrate Hospice Care Week to honour the amazing work that Hospices all over the UK carry out each and every day. This year, we are looking at our incredible Hospice team, as they are at the heart of our Hospice.

How long have you worked for Hospice?

15 years

What does your job involve?

My current role as a Senior Healthcare Assistant involves working on shift to take care of assigned patients’ needs for that day and follow up on any that have not been completed the shift before or handover to others.

I encourage patients to maintain their independence for as long as they can. I assist them with mobility, activities of daily living and complete daily routine observations.

Part of my role as a Senior Healthcare Assistant is to mentor new members of staff that join the Hospice Team and provide support to all other staff.

I am also 1 of 5 moving and handling instructors that are part of the Integrated Care Team which means that I teach courses regularly to both clinical and non-clinical staff, and attending course updates biannually though ARC training.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Hospice?

I love working for Hospice because every day is different, due to it being patient centred. I love being given the opportunity to care for people when they are most in need. At Hospice we have the time to ‘titivate’ and spoil our patients.

Additionally, the team I work with are a great bunch and we have a lot of fun between us and with our patients. We really support each other and have a good laugh.  

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