Hospice Care Week 2022 - Meet Jude Bradford from our Hospice Team!

Jude HCW Social Graphic

From 10th until 14th October, we are celebrating Hospice Care Week 2022, to honour the amazing work that Hospices all over the UK carry out each and every day!
This year, we are looking at our incredible Hospice team, whom we are lucky to have - they really are the heart of our Hospice.
First up, we want you to meet and get to know Jude Bradford, our Social Work Assistant.

How long have you worked for Hospice?

19 months

What does your job involve?

I help our patients, carers and families from a social aspect rather than a medical one.  So I assist with benefits claims to maximise finances. Contact with care agencies and nursing homes as well as advice regarding Wills and Powers of Attorney, working closely with legal firms on the Island.  I can also help with housing problems.

I help to plan and organise agreed care packages to enable people to stay at home or if they are being discharged from Hospice back to their homes. I do onward referral to Wellbeing Services and other specialist services such as Wheelchair Service and statutory social work if required.  Together with my colleagues and volunteers I organise our successful ‘Your Hospice Your Way’ Drop In that we run on a Wednesday at Hospice and a Thursday at Port Erin.

I give patients families and carers support over any worries or concerns they may have.

Advocate on behalf of Hospices patients, families and carers.

I am also the Adult Safeguarding Lead for Hospice, this entails assisting and offering support to my colleagues with any concerns they have around an Adult Safeguarding situation. I also deliver Level 1 and Level 2 training around this subject.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Hospice?

My favourite thing about Hospice are the people I work with whether they are colleagues or clients. 

The workforce at Hospice are totally focused on providing the best possible care for all our patients, families and carers.  It is a fabulous thing to see.

Before I joined Hospice I was concerned that it would be all about death and dying but this is not the case and Hospice is actually about life and living the best one you can for the time you have.

To go home at the end of the day knowing you have made a difference is the best feeling in the world.

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