Meet Karen Taylor from our Hospice Team!

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Meet the next fantastic member of our Hospice team; Karen Taylor. Karen is Head Nurse of Lymphoedema here for our patients.
See below to find out what her role involves and her favourite things about working at Hospice!
From 10th until 14th October, we celebrate Hospice Care Week to honour the amazing work that Hospices all over the UK carry out each and every day. This year, we are looking at our incredible Hospice team, as they are at the heart of our Hospice.

How long have you worked for Hospice?

I commenced working at Hospice in the St Bridget’s building back in 2007, as the Hospice at Home Co-ordinator. St Bridget’s then moved to the present site in 2007 and I continued working within that role before transferring into my present role within Lymphoedema in 2008.  In total I have worked for Hospice for 15 years.

What does your job involve?

My Job consists of assessing and treating patients who have a swelling which mainly affects the limbs, following a cancer diagnosis or treatments for cancer. The treatments are varied and there are many which are individualised to the patient. One day it maybe multi-layer Lymphoedema bandaging or performing a Doppler to assess the circulation prior to fitting of compression garments. We are also a listening ear to patients during their treatment and are able to signpost them to other services that they may require. 

What’s your favourite thing about working for Hospice?

I like feeling that the work I do is worthwhile, that my contribution within the Lymphoedema clinic truly makes a difference to the patients that I treat and promotes health and wellbeing.

I have friendly co-workers, helpful manager and are all a great source of support. There is a great atmosphere within our therapy teams.

Hospice also promotes a good balance between my work life and personal life.

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