National Whale & Dolphin Week 2021

From Saturday 24th July until Sunday 1st August 2021, it's National Whale and Dolphin Week!

A week in which we want to celebrate these magnificent animals, and the inspiration behind our majestic dolphin sculpture for our 2022 Wild in Art trail.

It came about because research has shown that there is little awareness in the UK of the diversity of whales, dolphins and porpoises to be found around our shores. The aim of this event is to give a general “snapshot” of what is in UK coastal waters over a short period of time. As well as gaining valuable research data, the hope of which will be to draw attention to the conservation of the marine environment.

Threats to whales and dolphins have never been so great, and yet for several species researchers lack anything but a rudimentary knowledge of their status and distribution. The more coastal species like harbour porpoise and bottlenose dolphin are specially exposed to the detrimental effects of human activities, and both have undergone significant declines in the past decades.

To get involved in the week, the Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch are on hand and available to help.

Throughout the week they have their free, discover the whales, dolphins and porpoises of the Isle of Man, online event on Tuesday 27th July where you can learn all about the local species, and where is best to spot them.

Then, they have their Sea Watch at the Sound event on Thursday 29th July where experts will be on hand with binoculars to borrow, to look out for whales, dolphins, porpoises, basking sharks and seals!

For more information on both of the events or to get yourself booked on, head to their event page below;

We can't wait to find out more about our resident dolphins and the inspiration behind our Wild in Art sculptures; Starlight and Moonlight throughout this exciting week.

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