Our Second Collaboration Piece with UCM

The window in our Strand Street shop is looking incredible!

A few months ago we approached University College Isle of Man to explore the possibility of working in collaboration with them, to raise the importance of sustainability and clothing, to which they excitedly agreed to.

Over the coming months we will be giving a window space to each of the Art and Design UCM students who took part in this exciting collaboration - we are absolutely blown away with what they created!

Next up is Carmela Pebellan.

Read Carmela's bio below...

"The last year studying the Art and Design Foundation at UCM has allowed me to expand my creative skills and given me a lot of opportunities to expand on my interests in fashion. My final project focused around creating multiple deconstructed lingerie/swim inspired silhouettes with pattern design and strong, complementary colour palette for a summer mini collection. It highlighted the fact a range of young people of any gender are able to wear them through multiple styling options represented on multiple models. The lingerie silhouette inspiration is most evident in my bra and high cut shorts; this outfit was all about regaining power with these typically hyper feminine and sexualised silhouettes and within this new era of modern femininity and gender norms proving there is so much freedom when it comes to what you can wear.

All clothing was up-cycled from the Hospice or re-used from home. This was another big focus on sustainability in order to encourage this viewpoint to the younger generation to support second hand from such an impactful company. For the print I used a range of stencils with paint which stemmed from urban primary research and the lace trims/remains of the lingerie to create abstract shapes/outlines. This carried through with a colourful sports aesthetic in my on location photoshoots using a local gym and the NSC racetrack.

The shoot locations of a spin and race track really helped to communicate the aesthetic that matched the small silhouettes. Nostalgia is evoked through a mixture of visual themes like psychedelia, disco and punk and linking to the present through the progression of femininity/gender roles within clothing. The young, vibrant and confident feeling takes a modern twist through the silhouettes and styling.

I hope to expand on communicating my cultural viewpoints in fashion through a combination of more image making and styling during my first year at university this September where I will be studying Fashion Communication & Styling at Middlesex University, London. This includes continuing to be more aware of my fashion consumption, what I choose to support and how I ethically impact the environment."

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