Isle of Man Prison Collaboration


Hospice Isle of Man is proud to announce their collaboration with the Isle of Man Prison. We are striving to work in partnership and seek out opportunities that both benefits Hospice and also gives back to the community. This collaboration offers the chance for our shops to go plastic bag free, and benefit from upcycled furniture whilst helping the prison residents learn new skills for when they are released.

The first stage of this partnership, our bags for life initiative has already been implemented into the shops and has proven to be extremely successful. The initiative involves prison residents turning our unsold curtains and fabric into fabulous bags for life which are then sold in our shops instead of plastic bags.

The second stage of the partnership will involve prison residents upcycling donated furniture which we will then be able to sell in our shops. We know that by upcycling furniture we are significantly able to increase the amount of money we can sell each item for, but we also know how time consuming the process can be, which we aren’t currently in the position to commit to.

This partnership is the start of what we hope will be a beneficial collaboration.

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