Reds4Veds Day 2022

Friday 20th May was Reds4Veds Day!

Vascular EDS (Elhers-Danlos Syndrome) is a rare, life-limiting condition that affects the body's connective tissue and its collagen of various parts of the body including hollow organs, skin and arteries. This cause organs to rupture spontaneously meaning some medical treatments are high risk.

Beautiful Levi-Rose has been attending Rebecca House for many years now and is the only known person on the Isle of Man to have this condition. In fact there are only around 300 diagnosed individuals in the whole of the British Isles! She is a very active, happy girl however does suffer from fatigue, pain and dislocates her joints often.

To mark this awareness day, some of our amazing Hospice and Rebecca House team wore something red on Friday (whether it was an item of clothing or a hairband, showing our support for Levi-Rose!


Levi Rose Reds4Veds

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