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CEO's Blog- Tynwald Presentation

It was with great honour that on June 24th, I respresented Hospice Isle of Man as part of the Strategic Partnership Steering Group, along with the Department of Health and Social Care and Third Sector partners, to deliver a presentation to Tynwald Members and Members of the Legislative Council that provided an update on the progress of the delivery of the ‘From Vision to Reality’ Island Plan for Integrated Palliative and End of Life Care 2018-2023.


Whilst delivering the presentation, I talked about this plan as a key enabler for Delivering Longer Healthier Lives.


As well as this fundamental aim, I talked about a key enabler for ‘Delivering Longer Healthier Lives’, our journey to becoming the best small island-based health and care system – providing the right care, at the right time, in the right way, as close to home as possible. This is something I truly believe in, so to have the opportunity to present this plan with the SPSG was a progressive step which I am very passionate about.


In the presentation, I updated the attendees on the 5 of the work streams within the plan, and Paul Jackson, DHSC presented work stream 3, west of island pilot project.


  1. Joint Strategic Needs Analysis
  2. Strengthening Compassion in the Isle of Man
  3. Person Centred and Coordinated Care
  4. Much More Than A Building
  5. Developing our Workforce Together
  6. Monitoring Progress, Measuring Impact


Following the presentation attendees then had the opportunity to ask myself and other representatives from the SPSG questions about each of the work streams, which I felt was a very engaging and successful session.


Concluding the session, I am delighted that we received some very positive feedback, with many Members commenting on the speed at which the plan was being delivered and the significance of Integrated Care in light of the recent Sir Jonathan Michael Review.


Over the coming months the SPSG will be hosting roadshow events to offer members of the public and health care partners the opportunity to find out how the plan is progressing and what this means for our community.


I look forward to sharing details on our website, social media and within our newsletter when we have more information.

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