SW Legal, Noa Bakehouse, The Children’s Centre and Hospice collaborate to help local children understand the joy of Growing, Growing and Sharing

Local law firm SW Legal, Noa Bakehouse, The Children's Centre and us have all come together over the last few months to help local children have a better understanding of where ingredients come from, how to prepare dishes and the pleasure of sharing food!

Isle of Man advocate Stephen Savage, is keen to help improve the opportunities young people on the island have to understand the quality of their food and where it comes from, how they might prepare their own meals, and to take a greater control of their general health. With this in mind an alliance was soon forged between SW Legal, Noa Bakehouse and the Children’s Centre. The ethos of the Children’s Centre to turn difficult life experiences into a brighter future along with the wealth of produce grown in the polytunnels at Wallberry Farm and the cooking and baking expertise of the team at Noa Bakehouse seemed the ideal partnership on which to build the project.

The project has taken place over the last 6 weeks and began with the team coming together at Wallberry Farm to meet a group of 6 young people who attend the Children’s Centre every week. The whole project culminated in a visit from the team to Hospice with the Noa horsebox catering unit in tow, pizza ovens were fired, and the team were then spilt into 3 to take orders, make the pizza bases, add the toppings and then chef Lee and “chef” Stephen cooked 50 pizzas in an hour to perfection.

Staff, family and friends who were here at Hospice and Rebecca House that afternoon were delighted to have been treated to free pizzas made by the now expert and enthusiastic hands of the group from the Children’s Centre! THANK YOU!

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