Visit from HE Sir John Lorimer to Hospice

Recently, the Patron of Hospice, HE Sir John Lorimer and his wife Lady Lorimer were invited by the Chairman of Hospice to visit to meet the new CEO, John Knight, and for a refresher tour of the facility in this, our 40th anniversary year, to see Hospice operating.
However, the morning of Friday 10th March saw the island blanketed in snow. Sir John and Lady Lorimer showed their resilience and kept to the scheduled visit, including posing outside in the beautiful snow-covered gardens of Hospice.
Chris Hall, Chairman of Hospice, said “ We would like to thank His Excellency and Lady Lorimer for spending time with us at Hospice. They were very interested to learn more about the financial challenges Hospice is currently facing. We spent an hour chatting about this and discussing plans for the future regarding the vital services that Hospice provides to our community”.
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