Volunteer Graphic Designer/Animator and Web Developer Needed

Are you looking for a way to expand your CV and portfolio whilst building your experience – all the while helping a good cause? 


According to Linkedin, there hasn’t ever been a more crucial time to connect people with their purpose, which may also mean there’s no better time for you as a designer or web developer to have an impact.


We’re currently working towards the launch of a large local campaign and need the help of some talented individuals to create some short catchy digital animations for us for use on the web and social networks, as well as a talented individual to create a good quality small campaign website using WordPress or similar.


If you're familiar with something of it and you're ready to help - please let us know by calling 647435 or email us at fundraising@hospice.org.im

What's in it for you as a volunteer?

There’s no doubt that working on something we care about is both rewarding and exciting, especially if it aligns with a purpose close to our hearts.

Get known. We're at the beginning of several bigger projects so it's a chance to make a hugely helpful contribution to your Hospice and our continued sustainability as well as adding to your creative portfolio.

Community. We involve creative and passionate people to work with us. Our team are a friendly group of professionals working to create something great.

Experience and recommendations. Volunteering is fun, but it's also a real job. You learn to work with deadlines and deal with a team. And of course, you can add a proven record to your LinkedIn profile and get recommendations from us.


So, if you’re keen to get involved – please let us know. Speak to us by calling 647435 or email us at fundraising@hospice.org.im

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