Work on Fountain in Eva Rose's Garden is Complete

We are delighted to announce that work on the fountain that takes pride of place in our Hospice Gardens is now complete, and it can be visited once again.

The fountain is located in ‘Eva Rose’s Garden’, an idea from a long-term supporter of Rebecca House, Julie Crossley, mother of Eva Rose Crossley, and was eventually brought to life by husband and father, Jon Crossley.

Eva Rose passed away when she was just 9 weeks old, following a diagnosis of Edwards Syndrome. Eva then spent time in the Rainbow Room at Rebecca House, and the nurses encouraged the family to think of Rebecca House as their own home for as long as they wanted to.

In 2013, on what should have been Eva’s 2nd birthday, ‘Eva Rose’s’ garden was open to the public. The garden has been designed with the children of Rebecca House in mind, but also for any visiting children to Hospice to ensure every single child could enjoy it.

The garden is Julie, Jon’s and their family's way of saying thank you to the wonderful team at Rebecca House for everything they did for them and as a way to honour their little girl.

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