World Kindness Day 2020

Hospice Isle of Man’s wonderful community initiative, Compassionate Isle of Man, aims to create a more compassionate community by providing tools to support you with natural resilience, promoting well-being, connecting people and supporting kindness to enhance the overall quality of Island-life by delivering a number of schemes including Back Home Boxes, Social Cafes, and most recently Sit and Chat Benches.

In November 2018 Compassionate Isle of Man was delighted to become the first organisation on the Island to celebrate ‘World Kindness Day’ working with the wider community, schools, Government Ministers and local businesses to promote the idea of kindness and compassion. With such a fantastic community response, Compassionate Isle of Man will once again celebrate World Kindness Day this year on Friday 13th November.

Believing that kindness plays a huge part in improving community, wellbeing and citizenship, as well as creating a sense of belonging, the Hospice initiative will work with local primary schools for its third year to educate over 6000 children in a fun, inclusive way around the topic of kindness using the playground favourite, chatterboxes! This educational activity will not only promote kindness but support inclusion and awareness of the different needs of children with hidden disabilities, life limiting illness, serious illness and through grief and bereavement.

Wendy Smith, Compassionate Isle of Man lead said:

“If we can introduce children to the challenges of others in their formative years, we can grow a strong and supportive community going forwards. The Chatterboxes will encourage engagement with peers, fun, creativity and distraction from some of the worries of the day, whilst educating them around kindness messages and how small acts can go a long way in creating a more compassionate community.”
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